Scene Fifteen – The Artist Statement

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“Bruce and Dom” Scene Fifteen:     The Artist Statement

Dom describes the intention behind his latest project: 

Bruce and Dom Trivia

“The Artist Statement” marks the only appearance in the film of “Bruce and Dom” co-conspirator Mark Eicher. Mark and I weren’t just a part of the crew, we were the crew for the film. Mark was also behind the controls as we edited the film together. Without him, the finished product would have been twice as long and half as good. Like everyone else in this show, Mark has no idea what he was getting into when he signed on for this, but he saw it through and performed admirably in the face of absurdity. Thanks, Mark.

From the Archives: “Dylan’s Claim”

Dylan’s Claim is a coming-of-age novella I wrote in the second half of 2006.  When a young boy discovers a collapsing sea wall and the works of John Locke at the same time, he gets the idea to rehab the wall and claim it as his own.  In the process, he begins to understand what it means to be an adult in the world.  Click the link to download a copy or listen to a reading.

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